Some of us haven’t returned to the office and are still working from home. Here are some tips to make your workday more comfortable and joyful.

Look after your health

There are many opportunities in an office environment to get up from your chair. You quickly dash off to a meeting or walk to your colleague’s desk. When we work at home we tend to sit for prolonged periods of time. Our meetings are online, and we don’t have physical interactions with our colleagues. Make time to stand up and walk around the house or just get up and do something else.

Have the right equipment

Our offices are well-equipped with everything we need, plus we have proper office chairs to sit on. Get yourself a suitable chair and a desk where you can work comfortably the whole day. A lawn chair may have worked in the beginning, but it is not a long-term solution. Get up to 15% in discounts or cashbacks on Loot vouchers and up to 12% on Makro vouchers from the Multiply online shop.    

Organise your workspace

Don’t just plop your computer down in-between a stack of papers and a few pens. Organise your workspace as you would in the office. Put some motivational or personalised messages on the wall, add a plant or two and keep it neat and clean.

Remember to shut down

You still have working hours, even if you are working from home. Fight the urge to always be available. Keep a routine and let your colleagues know when you will be available. And when you are finished with your workday, shut down and move away from your desk. Resist the urge to check emails, unless you know it’s an emergency.

Create a balance

We’ve made it through last year and if anything, it has taught us to look after our health and wellbeing. Work hard but also make time for your physical and mental wellness. Take a walk around the block and get your 10 000 steps for an active day or try out one of the wellness apps. You get R300 in cashbacks when you subscribe to an app and these are updated regularly. Let’s focus on the things within our control in 2021.

Try and cultivate one healthy habit in February

Identify one healthy habit that you think you can stick to for the entire month. It can be something as simple as drinking more water, eating less sugar, consuming less alcohol, doing a short walk every second day, or cooking your own balanced meals every day (and commit to go without take-aways for the whole month).