We’ve made it through January, but we could all still do with a little extra. Here are some tips on how you can make your rands go further.

Review your budget

The beginning of a new year is an opportune time to re-evaluate what you are spending your money on. Go through your budget and bank statements and see whether there aren’t any unnecessary expenses – and be honest with yourself. Even a little amount saved a month can go a long way.

Make the most of Multiply’s rewards and discounts

Take full advantage of the discounts and cashbacks available to you as a Multiply member. You get rewarded for doing what you do every day to live healthy, be safer, save more and spend smarter. We have some great new partners for 2021. You save when you buy from Woolworths, Nando’s and from our other fantastic partners

Make saving a priority

Multiply Money is a free benefit that gives you access to a savings wallet and a payment wallet.

You can earn cashbacks from our cashback partners and deposit money into Multiply Money from your bank account. The money in your savings wallet grows with interest linked to prime. When you want to spend your money, simply transfer it from your savings wallet to your payment wallet on the Multiply Money app or on your Multiply profile on multiply.co.za.

You can:

  • make mobile payments
  • use your Multiply money card
  • pay on the Multiply online shop
  • send money to friends who have Multiply Money; and
  • transfer funds into your HealthSaver account.

You will love it when you see your money grow.