Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercise go beyond helping in maintaining a fit body. Studies have shown the benefits of exercise for mental health. And with the world around us facing so much uncertainty, making your mental health a priority to combat anxiety and other conditions stemming from this is vital. Here are some ideas to help you put the fun back into exercise.

1. Walk everywhere

Yep. It’s that simple. Just add more steps to your day, and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel. Your body is made for moving, so just making this one simple change, already moves you in the right direction.

And if you’re a Momentum Multiply member, walking 10 000 steps with a fitness tracking device gets you an active day.

Here are some simple hacks to ramp-up your step count:

  • Say good-bye to lifts and escalators. For good. Whether you’re in the shopping centre, or in the office, keep those legs moving, to keep those muscles smiling.
  • Audiobook-walks. If you have a local park or live in a safe area, go for a walk, while listening to an audiobook or podcast. You can even do the same, by going for a walk in your local mall.
  • Walk the dog. You’ll both be happier. If you don’t have one, volunteer to walk your neighbours’ or friends’ dogs!  
  • Park further away from the entrance so that you can get a few extra steps.

2. Bring fitness to your lounge

If you find yourself on the couch, going down a YouTube hole, STOP! Find fitness videos and try one before continuing with your YouTube ways.

Looking for inspiration? Visit the That.Fun.Fit.Fest channel.

3. Indulge in some healthy competition

If you have a fitness tracking device, compete with your friends to see who can rack up the most steps in a week. Or meet them at a park, or local sports-grounds on the weekend to play outside. You don’t need to be a super-athlete to enjoy some playful fun while burning calories. Here are some ideas to get you moving:

  • Throwing ball
  • Throwing frisbee
  • Rope-skipping
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Hand-tennis

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