Have you downloaded the Momentum Multiply app yet? The app is available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and the Huawei Gallery. It gives you a convenient way to engage with Momentum Multiply and explore more ways to maximise your Momentum Multiply rewards.

Highlights of the Momentum Multiply app

Multiply your rewards section

The Momentum Multiply app features a section under Multiply your rewards where you can see the immediate action you can take next to get more points and reach your goals, whether you want to get to the next status or see how you can start getting more from your membership.

Manage your cards

You can view and link your rewards cards directly on the Momentum Multiply app. Simply log in to the app, select Your cards, choose the rewards card you would like to link and follow the prompts.

Link your device

You can also link a fitness tracking device or app on the Momentum Multiply app, how convenient? You will also see your current linked devices or apps, and unlink in the same section if you want to connect an alternative device. The more Active Dayz™ you earn, the more your points, and the better your rewards.

There’s so much more you can do with the app!

You can also view your Multiply Money balances to keep track of your savings. Your Weekly Wins vouchers are also accessible on the app. Simply log in on the Momentum Multiply app, go to Menu, then Weekly Wins voucher to access and redeem your Weekly Wins vouchers.

We’ll be adding more exciting features to the app soon, watch this space. Visit the Momentum Multiply app page today to learn more about the Momentum Multiply app.