Did you know that Multiply Money can make saving easier? Whether you’re saving for a specific goal or for a rainy day, Multiply Money can help you save smarter. Here’s how you can boost your savings with Multiply Money.

1. Deposit your savings into your Multiply Money wallet

No matter how much you can save, just keep your money in your Multiply Money savings wallet and you’ll earn interest on your savings. You also get Multiply points for depositing and keeping money in your savings wallet every month. The more points you earn, the higher your status and the greater your rewards.

2. Set a savings goal

Setting a specific savings goal can motivate you to remain consistent as you imagine yourself being able to afford what you want and need. Maybe the idea of saving for some emergency that may off-set your finances one day does not motivate you, because you have plans in place for that, but what about that big purchase you want to make? Wouldn’t it be good if you could afford it regardless of what’s going on around you?

3. Cash in on cashbacks to boost your savings

Remember to shop at our partners so that you can save more and earn cashbacks at our cashbacks partners. As a Momentum Multiply member, you have access to exclusive partner discounts and cashbacks. Save your cashbacks in your savings wallet to boost your savings.

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