The last 18 months have shown us, more than anything, the value of the safety and comfort of our homes. We have spent more time in our beds than ever before. Whether soothing sick children, furiously tapping away on our laptops until late or binge-watching our favourite series, our beds have literally and figuratively supported us through the best and worst times in our lives. The importance of having a good quality bed for resting and sleeping is now more apparent.

Sleep is the cornerstone of wellness. Let us look at the benefits of sleep and what you should be looking for in a new bed.

The importance of sleep

Sleep has endless benefits. Your body uses this time to repair, for cell regeneration and for the brain to undertake the manifold and laborious process of filing, archiving, discarding and retaining information. The quality of your sleep sets the tone for the day ahead. A good day starts the night before. Here is why sleep is so important:

1. Your internal clock

Our bodies are set to an internal clock called our circadian rhythm. This clock or rhythm works within a 24-hour cycle and determines when we need to sleep. When this rhythm is disrupted, you’ll have trouble falling asleep or getting quality sleep, and this will negatively affect your mental and physical health.

2. Your weight

When you aren’t getting enough, quality sleep you are more likely to gain weight or struggle to lose weight. Studies have shown that your sleep patterns can affect the hormone that controls hunger. Therefore, if you tossed and turned the previous night you may be more inclined to eat more calories.

3. Your brain

Quality sleep regulates your mood and helps you with brain functions like concentration and cognition. After a good night’s sleep, you will be more productive and effective at your daily tasks.

4. Your mental health

You’re most likely to get up on the wrong side of the bed when you’re sleep-deprived. But it goes deeper than that. A lack of sleep may contribute to depression. Studies have shown a link between inadequate sleep and depression.

5. Your immune system

Adequate sleep helps to strengthen your immune system. When you’re asleep, it gives your body time to recover and regenerate. Research indicates that a lack of quality sleep can increase your chances of getting sick and affect how fast you recover.

How to ensure that you get good sleep

The quality of your sleep depends on your overall wellness and as with everything in life, requires balance.

  • Make sure you maintain a healthy, nutritional diet and leave the big meals for earlier in the day.
  • Avoid stimulants like caffeine or alcohol before bedtime.
  • Sleep on a good quality bed that is suited for your needs.
  • Make sure your room is dark and that there are no noises that can disturb your sleep.
  • Exercise during the day.
  • Try some mindfulness meditation to destress.

How Momentum Multiply can help you afford good quality sleep

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Making the most of your new bed

Here’s what the experts from Dream Republic have to say about making the most of your new bed:

“Firstly, a good quality mattress should be flip-free which means no more backbreaking moments spent trying to turn your mattress. Secondly, look for a ticking (that’s the fabric encasing the mattress) that has added technology designed to do loads of beneficial things. Today, there is ticking which literally helps to protect you from 98% of all electro-magnetic frequencies (known sleep disruptors). And thirdly, springs are good – but why? Well, an inner spring system allows for greater air circulation, and air circulation helps to regulate body temperature, wick away moisture and sweat and discourage the proliferation of dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria. Air circulation is simple solution for some many hygiene challenges which we tend to overthink Think of it as a bed that can breathe, if you will.”


Dream Republic