Nowadays Black Friday is not only a single day of shopping from opening to closing hours. There’s Black Friday Weekend, Black Friday Week, even a Month of Black Fridays … and Cyber Monday too! How will you and your wallet successfully navigate the retail waters without breaking the bank or sending your blood pressure to Mars?

What’s more, Black Friday and COVID-19 don’t share the same aisle. Here’s the safest tried-and-tested tip, if you don’t do so already: shop online. You needn’t get up early, compete with a dozen SUVs for a single space on the far corner of the parking lot, and there’s zero chance of a shopaholic ramming their trolley into the back of your ankles or coughing down the back of your neck.

Best of all, you can easily access our Multiply Online Shop on our website or via the Multiply App. From Sport & Fitness, Safety & Security, Lifestyle, Kids & Education, Electronics, Outdoor & DIY … all your lifestyle needs are met. You can safely compare prices, receive discounts and take your pick from updated promotions and new arrivals.

It’s best to draw up a Black Friday budget – and stick to it. It’s as easy as biting into an apple to get caught up in the excitement and frenzy of a retail riot. Steer well clear of impulse buying, especially if you know you never come through the door without a shopping bag. Do you really need another set of celeb-endorsed, teal-coloured luggage?

If you ARE going to a brick-and-mortar store, know what you want to purchase beforehand. Be well prepared for long queues and take your sense of humour with you. Many retailers have stepped up their retail game, so they will have made additional plans and arrangements to bring you a wonderful Black Friday shopping experience. We know, however, it’s not always the case. Last year, a shop steward at one of the big retailers remarked how, when the doors opened, a gulf of shoppers rushed in and simply grabbed whatever was in their path. Some of the items weren’t even discounted! So breathe deep, have eyes at the back of your head and enjoy huge savings. You certainly deserve it.