The in-laws are descending on your house for their annual sea holiday … knowing full well your home is an hour’s drive from the beach. The youngest has turned the spare room into a rehearsal space for her rap crew, your significant other watches cricket day and night whilst a stray cat has chosen your address as its forever home. Welcome to the festive season!

Every household in sunny South Africa has its own festive season traditions, commitments and commentary. Taking care of yourself, keeping healthy and safe, and managing your finances would appear extra taxing during this time, but it needn’t be. Our Multiply programme helps you do the right thing and get rewarded for it, amidst the sound of in-store festive season music and cooldrink spilt on passenger seats.

You could do with a serving of Multiply rewards, not so? Here’s a sneak peak then: receive discounts on gym membership, fitness assessments and other healthy activities as well as financial tools to empower you to live your best life, in the moment.

Once you register for our Multiply App, you’ll earn points, which in turn improves your Multiply status and multiplies your rewards. Momentum has partnered with over 40 well-known brands that you can spend your rewards on – including travel, leisure, shopping, tech, health, and fitness providers. Our online shop is a lifesaver that allows you to kick off your shoes during the holidays. You can even do grocery shopping here – how’s that for a time saver? One decision can change your day completely. Multiply helps you to save more, live healthier and be safer this festive season. As for your mother-in-law’s insistence on a 6 am cup of tea in bed? Hmm … better start delegating!