Nowadays, receiving mail in the actual wooden post box at the front gate is a novelty. We’re not talking promos or the umpteenth real estate 2022 calendar – but mail in an envelope with your name on it …

Ag, no man! It’s a speeding fine. Driving 72 in a 60 zone. You need this like balsamic vinegar on a blouse. Yet, it’s the way the law operates – to keep you and me safe on our roads – especially during the festive season.

Here’s a wonderful driving tip: traffic lights are actually designed to facilitate free-flowing traffic. And it works if you simply adhere to the speed limit between lights. Doesn’t it feel great to hit one green robot after another? Try it out for yourself. You’ll notice a marked difference.

Talking about speed limits – we are made of flesh and bone. Cars are made of steel, aluminium, copper, rubber, and glass. The beach is going nowhere. There’s nothing wrong with parking somewhat further from the shop entrance, the braai hasn’t even been lit yet. Putting foot is not exciting; it’s dangerous.

Buckle Up ain’t a new country and western duo. Drivers AND passengers – wear a seatbelt. It’s written in our law books that every child under three must sit in a secured car seat and not dangle on grandma’s lap, even if she hasn’t seen the child since you know when.

Check your tyres as often as you check your petrol gauge. A worn tyre is a dangerous thing. Check each one for wear and tear, ensure they’re correctly inflated and double-check the spare.

Drive sober. You’ve got that app on your phone to call a taxi, should the bubbles flow. Remember the last time the driver in front of you swerved dangerously across the lane? And how it made you feel? Don’t be that guy. Or girl.

As a wrap, if you’re heading out for the holidays, please, please, please, remember one of the most important travelling tips. Padkos!