You might have a gym membership. You might not. You might have eaten the remainder of the left-over pizza. Maybe not. With heightened celebrations, it’s only natural that your body is begging you to get more exercise than just walking to the front gate to collect the takeout from the delivery guy.

While it’s tempting at this time of the year to just sit back and relax, imagine just making a start, before the new year even arrives, with a short burst of exercise. Your nerves go nuts, allowing your muscles to move and groove. Now you’re active! You’re going to need those nutrients and a whole wad of oxygen whilst that body of yours clears out waste products like it’s New Year’s Day and the first resolution on your list of three gets ticked off. Talk about a well-oiled machine.

We don’t feel the need to provide an instruction manual of exercises – any search engine will give you a gazillion options. We’d rather inspire you to lace up those trainers – and rope in the whole family, visitors, and besties.

Mix up your surroundings. A walk in the woods, ducking under a wave, working those 9-to-5 calves during a long stroll on the beach, brisk walks around the block like a virtual Jack Russel is chasing you, a lazy stroll through the streets of small-town RSA on your travels, aqua aerobics with all the great aunts at the crack of dawn, Saturday morning gardening – now we’re talking teamwork.

Take the monotony out of exercise. Whoever is helping themselves from your fridge during the holiday, let it be known that they WILL join you for that early morning yoga session on the back porch. Be it the downward-facing dog, the warrior, the mountain pose, the plank, or the four-limbed staff pose. The more, the merrier; and the healthier.