Ahh … A Summer Garden … nope, it’s not a new Netflix title. Get up, bed out, bonsai, cross-fertilise, deadhead, compost, aerate, hoe, mow, plant, sprinkle and have a bulb of a time.

If you’re fortunate to have a bit of greenery around your place or if you’re an indoor plant aficionado then now’s the time to be at one with the soil. Seriously, it’s therapeutic. It’s creative. It’s ridiculously rewarding and it’s healthier than slamming a slab of chocolate.

To all Green Fingers then, here’s a handful of tips that might sound nuts, but really does the trick.

Use your used coffee filters.

Place a filter at the bottom of a potted plant so next time you transport it when the plant outgrows the pot, it’s an easy process with zero mess.

Eggshells – so hot right now.

Save a buck on expensive mineral-rich soil. Gather up the eggshells from that king-sized omelette you made for breakfast, whack ‘em in a blender, push the button, blend to a fine powder and then sprinkle it like you’re the sandman on the graveyard shift. Guess what, those eggshells are infused with calcium. Then watch your garden grow.

Throwing shade at weeds.

They’re simply everywhere – like nature’s version of paid-parking attendants. Over here you pull them out, over there they pop up, and in between, you run the risk of damaging your plants.

Enter vinegar! Yip, it’s an easy fix – it kills the weeds WITHOUT damaging the surrounding greenery. And did we say it’s eco-friendly? Sounds pretty wholesome!

Put the fun in fungus.

Right, so you want to move some plants from this corner to the front gate. You’re all set for replanting but really have no time for fungus to start growing before the plant can even find its roots. Bring on the cinnamon! Simply dip the roots of your plant into the cinnamon. Problem solved.

At the risk of emptying out your spice rack, we’ll pause here. We hope we’ve planted a few seeds – happy gardening!