According to Momentum’s claims statistics, cardiovascular disease was one of the main reasons for death claims in 2020 at 28% of claims. Cardiovascular disease, particularly heart failure, was also identified as the leading cause of death among male policyholders. 

Not only was it one of the biggest causes for death claims in 2020, but around 24% of critical illness claims resulted from cardiovascular disease. This made it one of the most prominent causes of severe life-changing conditions among Momentum’s policyholders – second only to cancer at 45% of claims. 

Do you know your healthy heart score? 

Show your heart some love by reflecting on the state of your health and keeping track of the key variables that determine your overall heart health. 

Completing a health assessment will help you determine a Healthy Heart Score which shows the trajectory of the health impact of your lifestyle. It is worth knowing whether your blood pressure is going up or staying stable. It is also important to keep track of whether your blood glucose is going up over time since that signifies an increased risk of developing type II diabetes. 

This will help you make better lifestyle choices ensuring a longer and healthier life. Maintaining your heart health is a long-term commitment, and there is no time like the present to start doing it right!

Get rewarded for showing your heart some love 

As a Momentum Multiply member, you can earn points for your Healthy Heart Score. The more points you earn, the higher your status and the greater your rewards! 

Simply complete a health assessment at Dis-Chem, Clicks, with a qualifying medical scheme or one of our Multiply approved independent pharmacies to get rewarded for having a healthy heart.