No matter how often it happens, load-shedding is one of those things you never get used to. Lately, it’s been as though we’re playing a game of Candy Crush and unlocking new levels. Welcome to level 6! On the one hand, load-shedding comes with several inconveniences; on the other, it also holds a few benefits. You might ask, ‘What possible benefits could there be?’ Well, for one, everyone in the house gets to connect through actual conversations once the WiFi shuts down.

In the spirit of savings month, here is a fun lesson we can learn about saving from load-shedding.

The flask

Much like a flask, saving is quite an old-school concept. Picture this: You get a notification on your load-shedding schedule app telling you the power will go off in a few minutes. You then decide to make a cup of coffee before the power goes off. But halfway through, before the kettle boils, zip! There goes the electricity. 

You would have been better off if you had boiled the water a little earlier and kept it in a flask to have hot water whenever needed. That is the exact concept of saving. Keep a little money aside, so you have some whenever you need it.

With Multiply Money, you can enjoy instant access to your savings whenever needed. No notice periods. That’s not all; if you deposit R1 000 towards your savings before 31 July 2022, you stand a chance to WIN ‘The Ultimate Loadshedding Survival Kit’ worth R12 000. Terms and conditions apply.

What is in The Ultimate Loadshedding Survival Kit?

  1. Portable inverter – To keep the power going.
  2. UPS for your fibre – To ensure that you stay connected.
  3. A power bank – For cellphone connection in dark moments.
  4. Rechargeable globes – So you stay on the bright side of life.

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