Women are known for carrying their hearts on their sleeves, sometimes having bleeding hearts, or pouring their hearts out to whoever will listen during tough times. But at the heart of it, it’s this seemingly soft heart that becomes the heart of a lion when loved ones are involved, when they must take heart to face the unknown, or when they strike fear in the hearts of those they stand up to. It is this heart that you, as a woman, need to protect with all your heart.    

Cardiovascular disease is among the top three causes of death in South Africa. According to the 2021 Momentum Life Insurance claims statistics, 20% of death claims were caused by cardiovascular disease. To make these stats even more heart-wrenching, globally, more people die annually from cardiovascular disease than from any other disease.  

But all is not lost – you can improve your heart health with lifestyle changes. To help you get started, Multiply’s Healthy Heart Score (HHS) gives you an indication of your current heart health. Creating awareness of your heart health will help you to see what you are doing that may harm your heart, now or in future. When you do a health assessment, we calculate which category of heart health you fall into and give you your Healthy Heart Score. 

Now that you know, it is time to take action: 

  • Look at your diet 

Eat more fruit and vegetables. These contain vitamins and minerals that can help prevent heart disease. Also, try to eat more raw and less processed foods. 

  • Get your heart pumping  

Moving regularly makes your heart stronger, lowers blood pressure, and reduces your risk of heart disease. Get your heart pumping by working out PLUS earn Active Dayz. Keep up your activity streak and score Weekly and Monthly Wins

  • Limit your alcohol intake 

Moderation is key. Too much alcohol can increase blood pressure and fat levels in your heart. Have a maximum of one or two drinks per day. Also, try to have a few alcohol-free days during the week. 

  • Don’t stress 

Anxiety, depression, and worry can significantly increase your risk of developing heart problems. Knowing how stressed you are can help you manage your stress levels. Download the Multiply app, simply scan your finger with your phone’s camera and get your Stress Score. Plus, you earn points for knowing how stressed you are. 

  • Get enough sleep  

Adequate sleep forms part of a healthy lifestyle, body, mind, and heart. Don’t let screen time and other similar distractions keep you from a good night’s rest. Aim to sleep for a minimum of seven to eight hours a night.  

  • Kick the habit  

Smoking harms not just the heart but almost every organ in the body. You should limit your exposure to second-hand smoke as well. 

If you don’t look after your health, you may lose it in a heartbeat. Taking the right steps towards a healthier lifestyle will go a long way in drastically improving your heart health, as well as your overall health.