Investing in an expensive home alarm system or installing a barbed wire fence are not the only ways to keep out burglars. Sometimes, having a few tricks up your sleeve can help secure your home, whether you live alone or with family. 
1. Install dummy surveillance cameras to deter break-ins.

2. Never let flyers build up on your doorstep, as it may look like you’re on holiday. If you are on holiday, ask a neighbour to pick them up for you.

3. Keep your garden trimmed and neat and get rid of any shrubbery which could be used as potential hiding places. 

4. Pretend to say goodbye to someone inside your home every time you leave, even if there’s no one there. It will feel a little silly, but rather safe and silly than sorry!

5. Don’t leave the boxes your electronics came in on the pavement or outside the trash bins. Rather cut them up and conceal them in a black bin bag. 

6. Don’t leave ladders or equipment lying around outside that could be used to break into your home.

7. Make sure the mirrors in your home don’t reflect any home alarms or security cameras when you see the mirror through a window.

8. If you must post on social media about being on holiday, make sure your privacy settings are on and you don’t have any strangers as friends.

9. Create a few clever hiding places for your valuables. Find some great ideas for hiding places here

10. Keep the exterior of your home well-lit and use motion sensors and light timers to ensure the lights go on when you arrive home and when it gets dark. And close the curtains as soon as the sun starts setting. 
With just a few minor changes, you can feel safer and more empowered in and around your home.