We’re currently still being asked to stay away from group activities and the gym. And let’s be honest – some of us had to drag ourselves to our exercise routine on a good day. Seeing as we are in our current situation for the long run (with minimal running allowed), we need to stay active and healthy, finding new and creative ways to keep us motivated. So here are three ways to make your training more entertaining.

Deal me in

You need a deck of cards. If you don’t have one, you can make your own.
• Each suit represents a number of times you have to do the exercises. Spades are 10 reps, diamonds are 20 reps, clubs are 30 reps and diamonds are 40 reps.
• Each card represents a different exercise.
• Start by picking 5 cards and working through them. Once you’re done, pick another 5. You’ll be surprised at how quickly time flies.

Use your ABCs

• Each letter represents an exercise.
• Spell your name and surname or any other word or phrase like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Roll the dice

• Write down 12 exercises on a piece of paper. You can have more than one version to make it interesting.
• Decide beforehand if you’re going to do 20, 30, 40 or 50 reps.
• Throw some dice and do the exercise that corresponds with the number you have thrown.

Check out this article on our blog for a how-to on how to do these exercises.