Drinking one glass of water a day is not enough. You need more, and no, juice, coffee and tea don’t compensate for water. Your body still needs clean water, especially now that it’s getting warmer outside. Here’s why:

1. Water is great for your mood

Considering how tired and unenthused we feel when we are dehydrated, this makes sense. Drinking enough water daily can help you feel less sluggish and irritable.

2. Good for your brain

Drinking more water can improve your cognitive performance. Studies have shown that people do better with cognitive tasks when they are hydrated as opposed to those who are not so you can keep your head above water by drinking some when you need to concentrate at work or school.

3. Can aid in weight-loss

If you’re trying to lose excess weight, drinking enough water can help you achieve your goal. Thirst and dehydration are often disguised as hunger. If you feel hungry test the waters and check to see if you’re not just hydrated before jumping head first into your next meal.  Have a glass of water or two before having your meal.

4. Protects your body from illnesses

Because water is vital for the functioning of our bodies, not drinking enough of it is likely to put us at risk of developing conditions and illnesses like kidney stones, urinary tract infections and coronary heart disease, to name a few.

5. Improves the health of your skin

Tired of having ashy, flaky, dull skin? Radiant, glowing skin may just be a couple of glasses away. Your skin cells are made up of water, and staying hydrated means you are getting enough water to them, keeping your skin supple.