We get that this is a Multiply Blog and it speaks all things Multiply. But we’re a little Multiplied out, so to speak. So today, we’re going to talk about something else. ANYTHING else. Here goes.

Let’s start with travel. Yeah, that’s a good one. The world is finally opening up. But South Africa has always been open for us, to go out there and find new places we’ve never been to. Bet you’ve never heard of Haga Haga, or the Owl house, or even Tankwa National Park.  There are so many places yet to discover between our oceans.

So here’s a list you can use to find your next holiday, https://www.shotleft.co.za/province/mzansi. That reminds us, did you know that we have travel partne…oh wait, we promised, ok, ok.

How about tech? That’s a great one. If there’s one thing working from home has taught us, it’s that tech plays a big role in entertaining us, feeding us, or even educating our children.  Our world is getting smarter, and you don’t want to miss out. So, here’s an interesting article we found about smart homes, we hope you like it: https://home.howstuffworks.com/smart-home.html.

Ok, we have to say something about all the smart stuff we have as reward partners. No. Stop it. We just can’t help ourselves.

Our final piece of non-multiply blog posting has to be about ending the year eating a little healthier. With so many options out there, how do you know which diet to follow, when to eat meat-free, when it’s ok to eat, no eating after 9, only having one meal a day. It’s exhausting. So here’s a little bit of information about starting a healthier diet. There’s never been a better time, we think. Here’s what the Heart Foundation has to say on it, https://www.heartfoundation.co.za/healthy-eating/. We also think you should look at Real Meal Revolution, and other health and food partners…we did it again. This is ridiculous.

You know what. We’ll just send you here, and then you can see for yourself and we don’t have to say anything: https://www.multiply.co.za/engaged/rewards/partner-rewards

That’s all for today. Stay multiplied.