No one ever wants to be average. We get that. Sometimes we find interesting things in the averages, and sometimes we find amazing things in the averages. So, here are a few of our favourites.

The average human spends about a third of their life asleep. Those must be the ones without children.

On average, a human will yawn about 250,000 times in their life. Hopefully, you’re not yawning whilst you read this, but if you are, we assume you aren’t spending a third of your life sleeping.

The average American spends about five months of their life on the phone. Americans do love to talk.

The average number of steps a person takes in their life is 183,755,600. Hope you’re tracking those, it’s about 120000kms. That’s 2843 comrades marathons. We can all brag about that.

And finally, here’s a stat that we love to share.

The average Gold Member with Multiply puts an extra R1 406 in their pocket every month. And each year the average Gold member saves around R12 000 a year. Those are some pretty good averages, we think. Click here to find out how much you could save and put back in your pocket with Multiply:

That’s all for today. Sometimes average is okay.