We can blame Eskom for loads of things – cold dinners, bad internet connectivity and even the end of Netflix and chilling. Unless you’re one of those “I think forward and own two inverters, just in case the one breaks down”, these dark times bring so many opportunities to just shut it all out and stay in the dark.

“Wow, what a happy blog, Multiply”.

But it is a happy blog because we’re challenging you to stay light. To get some energy when all the energy around you is gone. To choose to run when the lights go out, or gym when the TV shuts off. We’re not saying you’re going to run the Comrades Marathon next year, but we are here to help you make better choices when it comes to your overall wellness. To get you moving, and keep you active, and along the way, reward you for your everyday activities.  

And it all begins with three easy steps. First, find out what your Healthy Heart Score is by going to a health assessment. Secondly, improve your health by following some of our advice and “How-to’s”. And finally, enjoy all the rewards of your effort with discounts and cashbacks on Momentum products and partner brands.

Who knows, you might not even miss the rolling blackouts because you’re spending the time getting fitter and healthier.

And who needs two inverters anyway. Stay healthy out there.