Well, it’s officially silly season. A time of year where we bunk Friday afternoons, play an extra round of golf, and basically let go of everything we’ve done throughout the year. And that’s great, we all deserve to break free from our every day, to have some fun and enjoy moments with friends and family.

We say go for it.

All we’re asking is that you do it in a smart way. So, that come January, you aren’t regretting that fish platter for eight you ordered in that quaint fishing village just outside Cape Town. We want you to save more, so you can spend smarter with Multiply Money. A free benefit for Multiply members, giving you access to a savings wallet and a payment wallet.

We’re already helping you by depositing your Multiply cashbacks into your savings wallet where you earn a great interest rate on the money you save, with instant access to your money and points for growing your savings balance.

Throughout the year, you can save more for the things that matter and watch your money grow from the very first cent. And then, come December, or any time you need it really, you can spend smarter by paying with your Multiply Money Card, sending money to friends and family or paying for things on our Multiply online shop. You can also make mobile payments and transfer funds to your HealthSaver account to pay for any medical expenses.

It totally takes the silly out of your spending.

And we love that.