Now, before the grammar police send messages to our social media managers, we haven’t misspelt “holidays”. In case you haven’t heard about our Safe Dayz, it’s our way of tracking how safe you are when you are on the road, travelling for work, or to Umhlanga for a well-deserved break. Each day, you’ll receive a score based on your travel the previous day. If your score is above 60%, you’ll earn one safe day. The more Safe Dayz you achieve, the more rewards you will get.

If you haven’t activated your SafeDayz yet, all you need to do is complete and validate your safety score questionnaire. The rest is all up to you. Drive well, every day, to earn Safe Dayz. And, if you have Multiply and Momentum car and home insurance, you will get up to 30% of your premiums back with Safe Dayz™ every year, even if you claim.

It really is the best way to start the holiday season, don’t you think?

And now we hope you get our headline. Stay safe out there.