Load shedding has become a part of our lives and it may be here for a while. Here’s what you can do to prepare for when your area is in load shedding.

1. Protect appliances against surges

Unplug appliances from the plug source and only plug back once the power is on, and invest in surge plug protectors for your home to protect against surges.

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2. Revisit your household insurance policies

Check if all your appliances are covered, and the circumstances they are covered for.

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3. Buy backup batteries

Invest in backup batteries for your home alarm systems to make sure that your alarm is always on even in load shedding.

4. Have a plan for your cell phones and laptops

Invest in power banks, and keep your electrical devices such as laptops and cellphones charged.

5. Keep your food cold even during load shedding

Perishables like fish, poultry and meat are most likely to spoil when the power is out for long periods. Keep frozen bottled water in the fridge and freezer to make sure it stays fresh even when during load shedding.

If you’re using gas for cooking and lighting, have a look at this post on safety tips for gas use at home.

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